Paris II ¦ 2011

On the last day in Paris we went to Montmartre. One of my favourite places in the whole of France. It's an absolutely beautiful little town that looks out onto the whole of France. Not only that, but it's got a little square in the middle of it completely dedicated to artists drawing portraits of tourists. We sat in a café and drank probably our millionth cup of café crème that weekend. 


After spending a few days in Paris, it feels strange being back home with everything so familiar and predictable. Although I usually love getting home after a holiday and sleeping in my own bed, there's something I really miss about being lost abroad. Sleeping in a foreign bed on the 7th floor in a city that never seems to sleep was amazing. Nothing to worry about, nothing to have to do. Absolutely nothing.
I think I've got some massive detachment issues with Paris already.

Paris ¦ 2011

I cannot get over how much I enjoy getting lost in this city where I don't know where anything is. There is nothing that I dislike about Paris.  This city is every single thing i want but can't seem to get in England. 


Can't wait to go to Paris. So much more exciting than England. 

Emile Zola

"If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud."


This is a quote by Emile Zola which particularly struck me. Beautiful quote. The man has such a fucking insane way with words.


A lighting experiment in Tiffany's room with a lot of cut out paper and lamp-holding.

Portrait: Megan

Was so cold today and our little fingers were freezing. Ended up climbing up a tree barefoot..and ended up only liking one of the photos I took up there. But even for the almost pneumonia, it was worth it for the single frame! ..Just about. Actually, no it wasn't but what the hell. 


Serious spur of the moment shoot which actually blossomed from me finding an old hat in her room and asking to take a photograph of her wearing it. Just the one photograph..and 3 hours later, here we are: