Ginger loaf recipe

Contrary to popular school ground opinion, a ginger loaf isn't what you call your strawberry blonde class mate, it is in fact a very tasty, very moist and very delicious little loaf. Feast your eyes on this gorgeous little ginger baby. Takes 10 minutes to throw together and 1 hour to bake to perfection. Also I think the fact that it's a loaf instead of a cake lets you pretend that it's just that tiny bit healthier. Whose with me?! #GingerLove 

Fella appreciation

Sometimes in the event that I've been a super well behaved girlfriend (aka I've let him play Rocketleague with his pals and I didn't moan about it...that much) I get myself some little girlfriend perks. These can come in the form of back scratches, or I get a hot chocolate made with actual melted chocolate instead of a tea ::swoon:: and sometimes if I'm very lucky I get to prod and poke Mikey around for as long as possible before his patience finally breaks and he gets fed up of me telling him to 'smile with his eyes' and 'look less grumpy'. This Sunday was one of these such occasions.

January vibes

My thoughts following the Christmas and New Year period range intermittently between:

1) I am so happy to commit my life to being an all-eating, all-drinking, all-napping machine of laziness.

2)  Nah I got this, watch me whip watch me nae-nae, watch me lose all this mince pie-shaped fat and transform into a Gwen Stefani-esque NewYearNewMe Being of Devout Health and Activity.