Venice ¦ Part 2

Did you know that you can sweat through your knees? Neither did I. Venice in July taught me that apparently every single cell of your body has the capacity to sweat. Profusely. Unless watered down with prosecco and gelato every 5 minutes. #truetraveladvice #tta

Venice ¦ Part 1

So. After graduating on Monday (pictures might follow...if I can bring myself to share my dreadful hat-hair with the world..tbc) me and the fella went on a post grad holiday to the place where prosecco is cheaper than water and eating pizza and pasta non stop is actively encouraged, if not forced. I don't think there were many moments during our four day stay when we weren't either drinking prosecco, buying prosseco, or thinking about buying and drinking prosseco. And that is my kinda holiday. Amen.