Venice ¦ Part 1

So. After graduating on Monday (pictures might follow...if I can bring myself to share my dreadful hat-hair with the world..tbc) me and the fella went on a post grad holiday to the place where prosecco is cheaper than water and eating pizza and pasta non stop is actively encouraged, if not forced. I don't think there were many moments during our four day stay when we weren't either drinking prosecco, buying prosseco, or thinking about buying and drinking prosseco. And that is my kinda holiday. Amen.

Venice is HOT in July. And when I say hot, I mean stick-to-the-seat, hair-stuck-to-head, going-into-shops-to-appreciate-the-air-con kind of hot. And I'm one of those people who doesn't really dig heat. At all. So when I say that the beautiful views and overall ambiance of Venezia made up for the blistering heat, that really is a testament to how beautiful this damn place is. What's more, this first load of pictures aren't even official Venice - they're all from Lido, and not the type of lido you're thinking of either. Luckily enough this place wasn't overrun with pasty, chubby, English people and ninety year old budgie smugglers. It's a little island below Venice where our hotel was, full of beautiful old Italian people and endless sun and pizza bars. Hmmmhmmm. I thought I'd get these pictures out of the way first in their own separate post so I can smack you in the face with a big old official Venice blog in a few days time. Because Google images does not do that place justice and I don't even want to tarnish its beauty with slightly-less-beautiful-Lido pictures. So you've got that to look forward to. Yay.

Have you ever been to Venice or would you like to go?! Talk to me!

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