a big old slice of holiday heaven

Sometimes in life (if you're super-lucky and the gods of good karma are shining cheerfully upon you from on high), you'll get to experience a niche brand of holiday heaven I like to call Killer Airbnb-ing. It's important to note that this cosmic feast doesn't come along too often, so if or when it does, make sure you book the shit out of that location pronto. And I mean SNAP. IT. UP. 

over-eating in the Cotswolds

Is it possible to go on a long weekend break without gaining half a stone in booze and food weight!? Asking for a friend. Because – honestly – if it is, I'm either doing long weekend breaks really wrong...or very, very, very right. And a little trip to the Cotswolds a few bank holidays ago was absolutely no exception, thank you. 

a peculiar year

I will be the first to admit that 2018 got off to a total clusterfuck of a start. I was a dog left outside in the rain: a cold, sad, downhearted bitch. However, where there is chaos also comes plentiful space for new beginnings and (very overdue) life sanitizing. Therefore, despite a start rockier than Rocky Balboa himself, 2018 really bloody outdid itself in the end so HUGE sexy points for that.

Gals on tour: Cote d'Azur edition

This positively FREEZING and gloomy January weather has put me in desperate need of a holiday, any form of sunshine and a plentiful amount of gin; which sadly doesn't taste the same when drunk on the sofa in a dressing gown and not in a bikini by a pool.