grateful heart #2

I've dipped in and out of gratitude journaling for the past few years — never quite managing to nail it for any prolonged period of time despite always finding it helpful and kind of uplifting. HOWEVER. The only New Year's Resolution I made to myself with any sort of conviction this year was that I would write ONE thing, every single day, for an entire year, no matter what. Even if I'm so hungover I can't hold a pen. Even if I'm the most miserable, moody, hormonal cow on the planet and can't easily think of any obvious glitter from my day. Even if Channing Tatum came down from hunky heaven and told me I could dance in Magic Mike Live XXL if I purposefully skipped a day — I'd look him in his sexy potato face, and decline. Yep, I really meant it. So here are a few highlights from January: