My favourite rock bun recipe!

Sometimes there's nothing like a cup of tea and snuggle with a Hugh Grant film. Other times there's nothing like a cold glass of wine in the garden with friends. And sometimes, there is nothing quite like a good old fashioned rock bun. And even better when they're light as fairies and interchangeable! Amen. I'm pretty sure that you're gonna wanna try these babies out.

Afternoon Tee

Kudos to Mikey for coming up with the positively cracking title pun (though slightly worried that people may have thought I was just illiterate - I can spell 'tea' I promise). Short, sweet and snappy post today because I am working on an absolute corker of a tasty post for y'all this week. Hint: apricot rock buns. 

Cows and ice-creams (South of England Show)

*Disclaimer* All of these photos were taken with my teeny-weeny-four-year-old Lumix G2 which I saved from a dust filled stupor under my bed earlier this week. Sometimes the thought of lugging around my bigger Canon baby is just too much to handle on one small back (I'm sorry but it's true - what the Canon makes up for in image quality, it severely lacks in lug-around-ability) so I decided to revive my youngest child, Lumix, and pop him out for the day instead. So apols in advance for the slightly disheveled and unprofessional appearance of these photos.Sue me.

On Friday I went to the South of England show with my parents because, well...unemployment, free food and baby animals. If you've never heard of it before, the South of England show is like a farming animal food fun sun fest (official description), where you walk around masses and masses of stalls selling stuff you really don't need and then rotate around the food hall approximately 17 times picking up all the free samples of food and drinking all the free shots of beer. It's really as great as it sounds.

Blueberry Muffins Recipe

Blueberries. The wonder babe of the fruit world. Likable to the Boris Jonhson of politics, the Cheryl Cole of pop and the Olivia Coleman of acting - just so much BABE. Almost too much babe to handle, perhaps. Topping you up with Vitamin C, lowering your blood pressure and fighting wrinkles (allegedly) are just three of the super saucy things that these little balls can do. And what better way to appreciate their inherent goodness than by muffining them to high heaven?

Pub Grub

After a brief 2 week post uni celebratory hiatus (which included a total of 9 meals out and a hole in my purse the size of the Grand Canyon), I am ready to stop neglecting my blog...and start being a little more grown up with my $$$. You know, seeing as I'm no longer a student and, oh yeah - unashamedly yet undeniably unemployed.  SUCH FUN. So I'm whipping my blogging butt back into gear with a short and sweet post featuring pub grub, aka the grandmother of all English delicacies (the mother, of course, being the viccy sponge).