My favourite rock bun recipe!

Sometimes there's nothing like a cup of tea and snuggle with a Hugh Grant film. Other times there's nothing like a cold glass of wine in the garden with friends. And sometimes, there is nothing quite like a good old fashioned rock bun. And even better when they're light as fairies and interchangeable! Amen. I'm pretty sure that you're gonna wanna try these babies out.

Ingredients: 225g self raising flour  //  75g caster sugar  //  1 teaspoon baking powder  //  125g butter  //  150g dried fruit (or just apricots if you're that way inclined, it works just as well)  //  1 egg  //  1 tablespoon milk  //  2 teaspoons vanilla extract 

Method: Pop the oven onto 180 degrees C. Now you can either line a baking tray with greaseproof paper or use fairy cake cases for maximum cute. Mix the flour, sugar and baking powder together until it's bread crumby. Add the dried fruit/apricot. 

Beat the egg, milk and vanilla extract in a separate bowl and then add this to the dry ingredients. Spoon the mixture into golf ball sized portions onto your tray/into your cake cases and bake for 15-20 minutes. 

To change it up for maximum satisfaction, make another batch but this time leave out the dried fruit/apricots and instead spoon a teaspoon of your favourite jam on top of a plain bun and bake. Perfect for afternoon tea! 


Simple, easy, light, and so damn tasty. These buns really do (I'm so sorry about this) rock!

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