Cows and ice-creams (South of England Show)

*Disclaimer* All of these photos were taken with my teeny-weeny-four-year-old Lumix G2 which I saved from a dust filled stupor under my bed earlier this week. Sometimes the thought of lugging around my bigger Canon baby is just too much to handle on one small back (I'm sorry but it's true - what the Canon makes up for in image quality, it severely lacks in lug-around-ability) so I decided to revive my youngest child, Lumix, and pop him out for the day instead. So apols in advance for the slightly disheveled and unprofessional appearance of these photos.Sue me.

On Friday I went to the South of England show with my parents because, well...unemployment, free food and baby animals. If you've never heard of it before, the South of England show is like a farming animal food fun sun fest (official description), where you walk around masses and masses of stalls selling stuff you really don't need and then rotate around the food hall approximately 17 times picking up all the free samples of food and drinking all the free shots of beer. It's really as great as it sounds.
So, before I decided that I was going to squander social norms and join the Women's Institute at  the ripe old age of 23 (their tent was amazing...cakes upon cakes upon cakes!), we headed straight to the most important and integral part of the show. That food hall baby. Feast yourselves: 

After we'd finished our impromptu brunch of various curry sauces, fudge, sausage, cheese, and ginger beer, we began to make our way around the show. There's a motorbike stunt show, cattle prize competitions, dog shows, Young Farmers, clothing stalls, garden furniture stalls, even a very hot tent of live horse shoe welding. Basically everything. As well as loads of outdoor car showrooms of very expensive cars which were a dream to get into  - and also very difficult to get out of in my dads case (not because he's a car connoisseur...just because creaky knees and joint problems). So here's some pics of all that jazz:

Shout out to ma pa's very snazzy sneakers. #asicsbasics 

The other main pull factor to the South of England show (second only to the food), is the LIL BABY ANIMALS. There's loads and loads and loads and loads of I spent a good portion of the day cooing and umming and ahhing over whether I really needed to buy a baby duck and where I'd house it and if he'd get on with the baby piglet I wanted as well and if they'd all get along under one roof with a baby sheep too.  My mum was having the same qualm but with the puppies, and my Dad was really getting quite excited about the 2 tonne Angus bulls. You know, cos one of them would be perfect for fitting in the front room and cuddling up to you on a lazy evening. Dad logic. 

Is there anything cuter than a little baby duck?! Because if there is I have yet to find it. Anyway, half way through the day I found out I'd got a first for my final year dissertation (unashamed self-plug, I'm over the bleeding moon) so we stopped off for a celebratory nibble at the third best reason why anyone ever visits the SOE Show:

By the end of the day I'd spent £10 on four pieces of fudge (#noregrets), Dad had bought some sort of garden utensil sharpening contraption (!?) and mum was just pleased to be out for the day without our mental dog pulling her in every direction and barking at people in red trousers.

Have you ever been to the SOE Show?! And do you go as gooey as I do when you see a little baby pig climbing over his lil piggy brothers!? Swoon.

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