Afternoon Tee

Kudos to Mikey for coming up with the positively cracking title pun (though slightly worried that people may have thought I was just illiterate - I can spell 'tea' I promise). Short, sweet and snappy post today because I am working on an absolute corker of a tasty post for y'all this week. Hint: apricot rock buns. 

Me and the fella went to the driving range last week because a) I just love golf, b) I'm really talented at golf, c) I can actually hit a golf ball or d) all of the above suggestions are false and I got dragged along by the boy because he fancies practicing his swing. We're going to a friend of ours's (ours/ourses!? Ahh!!) wedding next year in Spain who is well into his tee's and golf balls, so Mikey's brushing up in the hope of whipping out some Tiger Woods and rivaling him. Mikey's really not too bad actually. On the other hand, there's me who is more of an actual tiger in that I can't hold a bat properly, I've got a lot of hair, and I make loud noises when I miss the ball (99% of the time)

I've also just been informed it's not even called a bat, so hey - there's that. 

So, I don't think I'll be picking up my Ryder Cup trophy any time soon but in the mean time here's some photos because that's what I do best. 

Can you hit a golf ball / do you like golf?! I love reading your comments and opinions so fire away! 

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