S & K

Photographs from Saturday 27th April at St Mary's Church Reigate, the reception was the most beautiful set up I've ever seen in a big old hall with wooden beams and fairy lights all over the place. Really something impressive. Such a lovely day and I'm so glad that I got to be a part of it.

Winter Wonderland 2012


Antibes II

spent most of the week playing candy crush saga obsessively, going for the most beautiful walks, and drinking beer. me and m spent the whole of one day lying outside on the balcony in a bed we made of sofa cushions drinking desperado's and soaking up the sun, definitely one of the most relaxed days i've ever had. we went for a walk down to the sea front and bought ice cream and sat on the end of a jetty with our feet off the side for  a while in the sun, the next day we went for a long walk right around the cape d'antibes metres from the bright blue sea the whole way round. the path was exactly like what you'd expect the yellow brick road to look like and in parts it was surrounded by flowers and trees, we walked for hours right round all the posh houses on the coast. i would up and move to some of the houses we walked past without a second thought if i had 500,000 euros, they are lush and each one is so different. 

 "the yellow brick road"

Antibes I

we got up at 4am and left in the middle of the night for the ferry, the car was so cold for the first 15 minutes until finally the heating started blowing out warm air. the journey was so long, almost 16 hours but was broken up here and there by welcome intervals. we stopped in a small french town to stretch our legs and ended up walking straight into a history of photography museum funnily enough and then say outside a french cafe in the sun and had something to drink. a few hours later we went for dinner at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere and after eating sweets and crisps all day in the car, i was fit to burst after finishing my meal.
it rained on the first day, really heavy rain that went on for near to 6 hours, but me and m went for a walk along the seafront anyway and ended up getting lost on the way home. we then had dinner and spent the evening playing games in the warmth of the apartment until my parents went to bed and then around 2am me and m finally got into bed as well. it's almost completely silent here at night.

taken by m