Raspberry Champagne Cocktail.


I am totally hooked, obsessed, addicted and completely falling in love with this cocktail. The most delicious thing to sip on a warm summers evening. So damn tasty that the calories don't even count.

Champagne (or if you, like me, have to be a cheapskate to make up for the amount you'll be drinking - sparkling wine), a handful of raspberries and 2 teaspoons of white sugar. Mix it all up, get a little fancy with a cocktail stick and voilaaaaa, the most delicious thing you'll ever taste. Thank me later.
If you can still walk in a straight line...



La fille de luxe.


This is the very first set of images from the shoot that I did a few weeks ago with make up artist Chrissie Huntley. The car was a very spontaneous addition to the shoot and was kindly lent to us for a little while that morning!

I am also excited to say that I will be working on another shoot with Chrissie on Friday, this time on a much larger scale and in a very, very rare and lucky location! Which I am seriously getting all excited over and goofily smiling to myself. I'm hoping that the horrible wet, windy and grey weather here sorts itself out before Friday or we could be in for a pretty miserable shoot, not to mention a cold one...so fingers crossed!







Make up and hair: Chrissie Huntley
Model: Jessica Brewer

Golden Flower

Second set from the shoot with Chrissie Huntley, Golden Flower.






Sun in May means one thing...

Katie-Leask-Photography-BBQ-001-SBARBEQUE TIME!

And like Brits all over the country, at the smallest hint of a sunny evening we lit the barbie and brimmed ourselves with meat, potato salad and Kir Royale. Summer is coming and oh, it smells so good.








Now for a day of editing photographs from my latest shoot with Chrissie Huntley, trying to finish an essay for my French degree and drinking hot chocolate from my favourite mug. Thank goodness it's Friday!!!




On Saturday I had the total pleasure of shooting with a ridiculously impressive make up artist from my town. Chrissie Huntley is a seriously seriously talented little lady and the make up stayed put and, more importantly, stayed perfect throughout the entire shoot. I was greeted at Chrissie's house with a beautifully made up model (the lovely I-can't-believe-she-doesn't-actually-want-to-be-a-model Jessica Brewer) and tons and tons of clothes and shoes to decide on...as well as chocolate crispie cakes which obviously went down a treat.

This is the first set from the end of the shoot, "Stardust".





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Letterbox surprise!


Look at what lovely little thing dropped through my letterbox this morning.

Isn't it beaut? If there is one thing I am very excited for this summer, it's to shoot this wonderful couples wedding. I did some engagement photographs for Jo and Tom last summer (see here) after which they asked me to do the big day as well, so getting this through the post just now has just made me do a crazy happy excited dance in my pyjamas. I'm not even kidding. In fact, I'm almost counting down the seconds until I can be unleashed onto this gorgeous local wedding with my camera and a wholeeee day of love and happiness to photograph. The best way to spend a Saturday. I think I might even be more excited than Jo and Tom themselves...

But alas, until I can share some of the photographs from the Big Day itself, a few little snaps of the beautifully simple wedding invitations will have to suffice!