Lockdown number three

As always, life continues to come in bursts of stability followed by unrest, happiness then frustration, and motivation followed by a complete lack of interest in doing anything other than sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine and tray of Ferrero Rocher. In fact, the only thing that's remained relatively constant recently is my hellbent dedication to doing Pilates every morning — if only to cling onto some semblance of a balanced life. Lockdown three, ya really killin' me slowly. 

Finally, something to celebrate!

After what feels like months of absolutely everything going wrong, I cannot put into words how alien it was to feel completely and utterly overjoyed the other day. It's been so long since I felt so utterly, unequivocally happy that I didn't even know what to do with myself, other than happy-ugly-cry for about three hours straight. I've been ready for something new for a while now and it seems like the universe is finally ready to let me get moving and grooving in London - because this gal has got a new job, baby!

Huge love and a big shout out to the barrage of beautiful little ladies I have around me who are ready to scream about, support and celebrate my every move; sending flowers, prosecco and chocolate because we can't celebrate in person (yet). I have never felt so grateful for my friends or so excited about my future career; it has been an insanely uplifting and happiness-filled few weeks. 🤩🥳