2017: it's been emotional

2017; while I can't deny you've been blissfully wonderful for the most part (i.e: the most tanned I have ever and probably will ever be, the taking of my NY virginity, a very boozy birthday weekend in the New Forest)...my god, you've been pretty fucking shite at times too, ahem, mental health I am glaring at you cough cough. I'm hoping and praying that 2018 is a little kinder to my brain while remaining just as full to the brim of gin. So, that said, my New Year's Rezzie's are looking like this:

  • To make everything in my life as simple as possible.
  • To prioritise friends and make sure laughing / drinking wine / going for dinner / lounging around in pyjamas and talking shite (delete as appropriate) remains a matter of not only great but weekly importance. 
  • To read as many books by as many authors on as many different subject matters as possible. RECOMMENDATIONS WELCOME. 
  • And finally, to try and get my ever-exciting & habitually unpredictable brain to a position of normal-human functionality for an extended period of time. In short: to fall back in love with numero uno again (although, to be honest, I'll settle for a mildly dissaproving acceptance). I'm talking yoga, meditation, wine, Himalayan bloody bath salts for all I care - you name it, I'll probably be giving it an effing good go. Hey, I'm feeling hopeful. 

Goodbye 2017, it's been pretty damn emotional and I hope I can look back on you at some point in the future and laugh at all the things you've taught me that I have yet to appreciate because I've been too busy trying not to die under a (largely well-hidden) mountain of unnecessary and wholly self-inflicted stress. Amen.

What are your New Year's resolutions? (Please don't say dry January because that is exactly the sort of negativity I have no interest in taking with me into 2018). 

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