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I hope you had the merriest, minciest and mulled winiest of Christmasses. I also hope that your day was filled with so much bubbly that you barely remember the Queen's speech and fell asleep on the sofa at 4pm because same, hun. 

Anyway: the blog post. Considering I've spent a pretty large portion of the past 2 weeks holed up in my room reading/crying/staring into oblivion (because life can be pretty shit sometimes, yknow?), it's a damn good thing that said room is looking pretty effing ballin' right now. This is in small part thanks to my tidy room, tidy mind internal mantra, but also in massive part to the total babes at desenio who simply never ever fail to brighten up a bedroom with their sassy as hell art prints. It took me 2 hours to finally settle on my fave 6 prints which gives you some indication as to the sheer selection and kick-assedness of the wall art they've got available over there. Seriously. Go on, treat yourself to 30% off if you spend over £60 before the 2nd January (not including handpicked/collaboration posters or frames) and make your room a total haven of class and quotes (and middle fingers).

My three favourite prints: Born to be wild / Nine arch bridge / Pink stairs


Huge thanks to desenio for sending me these prints free of charge in return for this blog post.

How was your Christmas?! TELL ME ALL.

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