What I woke up to this morning...

Night in

m in my bed last night after he'd finished work. we had a night in yesterday because neither of us could afford to go out, shock horror. 


after the failed photo-shoot this morning which resulted in drinking coffee while magazine stalking and stressing with no model, i decided to spend the day trawling through any fashion magazine i could get my hands on looking for inspiration for a set of summer shoots. safe to say, i am now so desperate to take some photos that monday (the day we're redoing the shoot) is feeling like light years away and i'm itching to create. literally itching. looking at the camera is making me agitated and figity. 

Portrait: Caitlin


it's so odd to think that when i first started falling in love with photography i had no confidence to ask people to shoot them so the only subject i ever had was myself. i used to flap about trying to position a camera on top of chairs and tables until eventually my parents bought me a tripod. funnily enough, the month after they bought me the tripod i mustered the courage to ask my friend tess if i could photograph her and from then on i've rarely ever taken photo's of myself and have barely used the tripod at all. 
i no longer find much fun in shooting myself, i much prefer to photograph other people. however, here's an unashamed selfie from last week just because i bloody felt like it. ironically, i didn't use a tripod to take it. 

Walking Sasha

me and sejal went for a walk with rheanna and her new dog  sasha this morning on reigate hill. these are a few sneaky photo's i took of sejal because the lighting was beeeaut

Craft Fayre

A little girl getting her face painted at my local church's Christmas craft fayre. After avoiding it all day, me and m ended up sitting in tiny chairs at a tiny table covering biscuits in icing sugar and decorations. 

A day in summer

Mainly photo's of my beautiful friend millie from last summer. it's always a day of never-ending surprises at millie's house; i don't think there's anything she doesn't have. had the funnest day raiding her attic and finding so much beautiful stuff i just didn't know what to do with myself. some of these are taken at the stream next to her house. it was cold but she said she'd get in the water and wade about for a while until i got something i liked. there's a photo of lydia here too, bless her. 

Richmond Park

Photo taken for my friend Abbie's university project in Richmond park. she's called Laura and there's no way she's not going to be a model one day. 


My beautiful boyfriend curled up on a lazy afternoon.

Rhine Valley

Last year over easter i went to the rhine valley with my parents. possibly one of the cleanest places i've ever been. most of what i remember about the week we spent there was that we ate far too much ice-cream, drank far too much coffee, and ached for days after going on a bike ride all along the river front.

Commissioned: Crazy for You

I was asked to take some photos for a production at my local theatre called "Crazy For You". It was portrait photo's for the foyer at the show and ones of the rehearsal for the brochure. Despite actually being quite nervous before this, it was a lot of fun watching them rehearse and taking photo's. These are a few photo's from Thursday nights rehearsal, more shooting tomorrow.