Pub Grub

After a brief 2 week post uni celebratory hiatus (which included a total of 9 meals out and a hole in my purse the size of the Grand Canyon), I am ready to stop neglecting my blog...and start being a little more grown up with my $$$. You know, seeing as I'm no longer a student and, oh yeah - unashamedly yet undeniably unemployed.  SUCH FUN. So I'm whipping my blogging butt back into gear with a short and sweet post featuring pub grub, aka the grandmother of all English delicacies (the mother, of course, being the viccy sponge). 

The beauty of having a self-employed boyfriend means that if my puppy eyes are up to scratch and I've not hogged the duvet all night long (I'm a self-confessed 'cocoon' sleeper which admittedly doesn't leave much room for multiple persons), I can sometimes wiggle my way into an impromptu lunch date with his majesty. This happened to be one of those days. YAY ME. So after some delightful morning-breath pleasantries, we headed out to the pub. 

Yes that's wine and no it wasn't 12pm yet. SUE ME. Anyone else digging pub lunches / post uni purgatory recently?

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  1. no judgements on the wine, it was after 12 somewhere! looks fantastic, nothing better than a good, hearty pub meal x