Gals on tour: Cote d'Azur edition

This positively FREEZING and gloomy January weather has put me in desperate need of a holiday, any form of sunshine and a plentiful amount of gin; which sadly doesn't taste the same when drunk on the sofa in a dressing gown and not in a bikini by a pool. 

So to try and make myself feel better, here's a little throwback to last summer's holiday in the south of France which we spent, if broken down accurately, laughing till our stomachs hurt (50%), putting the world to rights while afloat on a lilo (40%), eating ALL OF THE CROISSANTS (10%) and topped up on gin (100%). 

It physically pains me to remind myself how tanned I'd managed to get in these snaps. Which would be gutting enough on its own, but is ever more soul destroying given that I'm on a self-induced sunbed ban and am currently sporting the most displeasingly patchy St Tropez job imaginable. Roll on summer 2019 when I plan to spend as many weekends as possible cooking myself in the sun for 8 hours a day at 29 degrees. 


Other top notch holiday activity from last year that's getting me excited for much of the same this year: Castagniers edition and italy ya sexy piece of ass. So hello to you, 2019, let's see if you'll help my break my own personal record of 22 European Easyjet flights last year. I'm feeling hopeful.

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