over-eating in the Cotswolds

Is it possible to go on a long weekend break without gaining half a stone in booze and food weight!? Asking for a friend. Because – honestly – if it is, I'm either doing long weekend breaks really wrong...or very, very, very right. And a little trip to the Cotswolds a few bank holidays ago was absolutely no exception, thank you. 

Even sexier still, we were treated to a mini-heatwave for our full 3-day bender, which made the Cotswolds feel like a little Mediterranean oasis full of wine, walks and way too much food. And everyone knows to be wine-drunk in the sunshine beats being anything-drunk in the rain. 


In other news, I am crazy stupid excited that in one week's time I will be boarding a plane back to my favourite place in the world for an entire eight days (quelle joy!) of sunbathing, gin drinking and lie-ins. Long weekend breaks are great and all, but nothing will ever top the feeling of turning on that out-of-office for an extended period of time 🙌 Book recommendations welcome – I reckon 8 days equates to at least 7 books, dependent on how needy the boyfriend is for attention and entertainment. 

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