Portrait: Sohni

Recently a girl called Sohni got in touch with me about doing a shoot which we planned for half term. It was possibly the most stressful start to a day ever after it snowed over night unexpectedly which meant ridiculous delays on the motorway and in the end it took almost 2 hours to get to Teddington. The weather looked awful, it was raining and it was freezing and I'd planned a shoot under conditions of sun..it literally could not have been more opposite. On the drive up I was feeling really pretty down about how nothing seemed to be going right, I was gutted about the weather and stressed because we were stuck in traffic every way we drove. But when we actually got there and met Sohni and her friend Sophie, and drove to the location (Bushy Park), and it got a little brighter and the rain stopped and although it was freezing things were looking up. 

In the end, the weather actually complimented the photo's a lot more than I thought it would, and the day was cloudy but bright enough to get some really detailed shots. Despite feeling pretty down about the whole thing at 7am that morning, by 12, everything was fine. Sohni was an amazing model and made it really easy to shoot with. I bought a dress from River Island especially for it and borrowed necklaces and other jewelry from my friend Lydia. Also my Grandma left a chair which I used in the shoot and my boyfriend lumped that around a field for me til we found a decent spot. Overall, it actually went ridiculously well and the photo's came out great. Actually glad that the sun decided to bugger off! 

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