Bedroom 001 Katie Leask Photography

Because I can't seem to stick to anything for too long (macaron obsession not included), my bedroom took the wrath and got a much un-needed make over. Said make over basically consisted of throwing out 75% of my stuff and then cursing myself for not being hard skinned enough to throw out another 20% that is now lying under my bed. I painted my walls white, I made my boyfriend whack up a new shelf, I finally got my hands on a clothing rail (Ikea, you darl) and now until the foreseeable future I have undertaken the difficult task of trying to live a life of clutter-free goodness. Partly because I got rid of the majority of my storage space with the addition of a saucy new double bed (SO worth it), and also partly because Pinterest. Just pinterest.

Bedroom 005 Katie Leask Photography

Bedroom 006 Katie Leask Photography

Bedroom 007 Katie Leask Photography

Bedroom 002 Katie Leask Photography

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  1. My room drastically needs a make over! Yours looks very pretty. Pinterest turns me into a green eyed monster on a daily basis!