Venice ¦ Part 3

In Venice you'll either be walking on foot or hopping onto a water taxi. Yep, a water taxi. Sounds fun, huh? Try going on one in mid July when the lovely idea of a water taxi turns into the horrendous reality of what is essentially a green house on water. The things are nasty hot in July and absolutely unbearable unless you can stand outside where there's a slight sea breeze. Me and Mikey would quite happily never set foot on one again.
Back on the ground however and without our spirits dampened, we headed up the tower in Saint Marks square to get some aerial views of our surroundings. I could almost say Venice is as beautiful by air as it is on foot, but actually - it's not. You can't see any of the canals or bridges or burnt English people or Chinese people with selfie sticks - and no one wants that. But it is worth going up because the views are breathtaking nonetheless.

But that's enough of the aerial views. Back to street view where we wandered and drank prosecco and wandered and drank more prosecco and wandered and ate some ice-cream. Bliss. Time for some more of that sweet Italian loving firmly on the ground starting with this piece of geometrical heaven in Saint Marks square...

Have you ever been to Venice? How did you find it?!

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