Laughing all the way to the bank (holiday)

Let me tell you something that I learnt this week: the bank-holiday-weekend feeling is so much sweeter if you a) totally forgot it was coming up; b) absentmindedly arranged a work meeting for 9am on Good Friday and c) received four meeting rejections in the space of a minute because CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS FEASTING RELAXING WINE and a spot of I HOPE YOU’RE NOT COMING IN ON BANK HOLIDAY FRIDAY!!??
Guilty. Yep - I totally forgot it was Easter #SmiteMe. I also forgot the sheer quantity of chocolate that my body is capable of eating. Rest assured that I’m hitting the gym hard (read: relatively hard) this week for the sake of maintaining a steady relationship with my thighs.  

So in a nutshell, my bank holiday consisted of;  drinks with my galpals   •  dinner at Giggling Squid   •  a 6km walk over my cute little hometown hill   •  Sunday-come-Monday lunch    •  lots of wine    •  lots of chocolate   •  lots more wine    •  lots more chocolate   •   a 72hr food coma 

How was your bank holiday weekend?! Tell me what you did, fellas! 

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