Monica series - part i

Apart from the odd bit of poking and prodding Mikey around until he gets bored and refuses to be the David Gandy to my Mario Testino (dream big, guys) - I haven't actually done any portrait shit for months. You know when sometimes you just snap and need to do something; like when you need to eat an entire family-size dairy milk bar or you need  that huge glass of wine on Monday morning...ahem - well I got this last week about going out and gettin' snap happy, it just had to be done.

Cue a very impromptu photo shoot on Good Friday with Moni. Ever the fan of staying local, aka cba to drive somewhere because effort, meant we shot in a car park about 500 metres from my house. I split the results into two separate series because the inner photographer in me tells me that's more professional - so the other half will be up soon(ish). #DontHateThePlayer

In an ideal world, I would label myself as a portrait photographer first and foremost, but I realise that if this title is determined by time-spent-shooting-said-subject, I'm definitely a cat photographer. Can that be a thing? Please let that be a thing. 

What do you think of this series? As always, constructive criticism makes me cry work harder and get better. 

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