Birthday in Berlin - part I

Coming home from holiday always sucks. And for some reason coming home from Berlin this morning sucked so much more than normal. It might be something to do with the fact I've been up since 4am this morning for our killer early flight and am feeling tired, emotional and probably still hungover...but then again it might just be because I didn't want my bratwurst-filled bubble to pop and have to admit that I'm approx. 3 stone heavier with significant gluhwein-induced liver damage. 

In other news, huge hats off to Mikey for an incredible birthday weekend and, more importantly, for finding the coolest hotel possibly ever - it's not every day that you open the curtains to find a scuba diver cleaning the tank right outside your window. Good morning to you too, pal. 


Now to start my alcohol detox and attempt to shed the bratwurst shaped fat pockets around my stomach and thighs. Parts ii and iii will be ready when I've finished crying about it being Monday tomorrow and pulled myself together (read: no time soon).

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