Scandinavian poster love

Unfortunately, the 'Professional Snoozer' job opening is yet to become available, meaning that I am still hauling myself out of bed 5 days a week so that I may afford copious cocktails on the weekend. This process is tricky at the best of times. But let me tell you it is 2847385635 times tricker when your bed is this damn cosy. 
And this little hunk of a snooze spot is made all the more beautiful thanks to my gawj selection of Desenio art prints. Now, if there is one thing about Scandinavia that I love more than their truly beautiful selection of men (you're welcome), it is their interior decorating domination. Like Stacey's mom, they've really, really got it going on because if I could drown in a sea of scandinavian graphical prints, I would die a happy woman. Make your bed as snooze-friendly as mine with 25% off posters online at Desenio until Wednesday (23.03) with code: lacoconoire. And big love to Desenio for sending me these pictures. 

Woah there, yes I just hit you with a random soup pic but I can explain...because in other news, today is my beautiful little dad's birthday. Which would have been cause for a mass, mass celebration except that my mum is basically dying from whooping cough (read: a mild tickly throat), big bro has moved out, and I hit the ground running Usain-Bolt-levels of speed following two days off work...which means he pretty much prepped and served this french onion soup all by himself. On his own birthday. Trust me, I feel as bad as you think I do right now.

I did treat him to a slap up lunch of carrot cake earlier though so I'm not competing for my Worst Daughter of the Year title just yet. I'll save that for Mother's day this Sunday when I realise I forgot to order flowers despite the mental reminder I'm making right now. It's looking likely. 

Anyway, come and chat with me on Twitter. I'm feeling super friendly today because IT'S NOT MONDAY. 

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