Cambridge, Pimms & punting

If you hadn't already guessed by the consistent and pretty unassailable theme that underlies the majority of this blog: I love a good cocktail. Always and all ways. And in a variety of different locations (e.g. LondonMargate, or going internationale in Paris, Berlin, Venice and Budapest). So a few weekends ago, we decided to push the boat out once more (punting pun for the win) and take a little mosey up to Cambridge, where we washed our cocktails down with The Official First Pimms of 2017. 
Some initial Cambridge observations: what a true English beauty in the sunshine, pimms and punting makes an undeniably splendid lil twosome, cracking selection of boat shoes and blazers, pretty sure my IQ level increased by just being there.

Now to spend the rest of my weekend: going for lunch with Mama Leask, cooking up a kick ass chicken caesar, getting a spot of culture in at Brooklands Museum tomorrow with Mikey, and chilling the F out in my pyjamas. Amen.

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