New York City Part II

WHERE does time go?! And how has it been three and a half weeks since we got back from New York already?! And why is the only thing of note that I've managed to achieve during that time getting to Season 3 of Gossip Girl?! It has been a very, very, very busy few weeks at work so to have spent pretty much every single evening perving over Rufus (largely unsung hero alert) and lonelyboy has not only been acceptable, but necessary. 

Anyway, I digress; looking back I still can't believe how lucky we were with the weather in New York; 6 days of bright sunlight with not a cloud in sight which is a crazy stroke of luck considering it was mid October, but also a little annoying that I'd definitely planned for freezing cold so a moment of silence please for all the layers I packed and never wore. 

If someone would like to lend me some $$$ so I can head back over asap please that would be GRAND. For now, I'm just stalking the #nyc hashtag and squealing every time I see a location I recognise on Gossip Girl. Come say hello on Twitter or keep up to date on Bloglovin

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