grateful heart #1

I don't even know where to start with this post so I'll just go from the beginning (but keep it as short as poss, don't worry huns - i got u).

So, I've been doing a LOT of self-help reading recently and as part of my attempted ascent to the Positive Vibes Only Zone I decided to start a gratitude journal. With no expectations whatsoever and, to be quite honest, a feeling that gratitude journalling was a bit of wanky exercise to undertake; I assumed I'd give it up in a few days, relegate the notebook back to bottom-drawer status, and return to instastalking instead. Like, who tf sits down and spends precious time writing down that they're grateful for Zac Efron's face anyway?! (...)

But, LADS. I've been writing it for 19 days now and to use a phrase single-handedly bought back into circulation by the comedy queen that is my work colleague Helen Trice, I AM SHOOKETH.  Whether it's because I've been paying more attention recently or was just a blind ass bitch beforehand, I don't know - but I have been blown away by the frankly ridiculous amount of incredible light-emitting people and things present in my life when I actually stop to notice them. I would be lying if I said I hadn't happy-cried about it (less than 6 times but definitely more than 4).

The saying goes that "if you throw enough shit at a wall, some of it will stick" and apparently if you write enough happy shit in a notebook, it miraculously starts god damn sticking. So here's a small snapshot of some things that have caused me embarassing amounts of glee recently:

01 - GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS. You are FUCKING fab. From Sarah buying me my fave chocolate covered dough balls from town, to Dais sending love in the form of gin through the post, to the girls at work making me CRY with laughter on a daily basis, to long morning walks putting the world to rights with Rach and Charley, to facemask-and-pyjama nights in with Lydia, to Sophie sharing my blog in her post, to spontaneous love-filled text messages from Jess, to mid-week date nights spent eating my body weight in chocolate with Alex, to pub confessionals and last minute holiday booking with Sophie and Em - I cannot quite contain the love I have in my heart for you all. It kind of hurts a bit. 

02 - The Greatest Showman (cough ZAC EFRON cough). Yes I am jumping on this bandwagon like you've never seen anyone jump on a bandwagon before, quite simply because this film made my soul feel happier than it'd felt for a pretty long time.

03 - My ridiculously wonderful mother. Cos she kills me on the daily with her heart of complete and utter 24k GOLD. Last week she left three parcels to open for each day she was away because, in a nutshell, she is a superhuman being of whom the world is undeserving.

04 - Two words: job satisfaction. No, actually four words: job satisfaction as fuck.

So, let me leave you firstly with this: "a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles", but also with this: "awesome things will happen today if you chose not to be a miserable cow." To being obsessively grateful *raises glass*. 

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