Gals on tour: Canterbury Edition

GREAT NEWS, guys. The Gals on Tour series saw its second (and very long overdue) installment last weekend when myself Mills, Fran and Lydia said goodbye to our troubles and headed to Canters. We proceeded to spend 5% of our weekend exploring what Canterbury had to offer (expensive tea, cobbled streets, babein' architecture) and the other 95% drinking wine in our airbnb and stuffing our faces with thai, bolognaise, copious amounts of chocolate, sweets and pancakes. 

Never underestimate the amount of food that four growing girls can demolish in one weekend. I'm serious, if eating was an olympic sport we'd have taken home the gold, silver and bronze medals. In both the male and female categories because if I walked into Canterbury at the start of the weekend, I definitely rolled back out - true sign of a good weekend ✌️ Honorable mention to Lydia who even on the drive home managed to eat an entire pack of M&S redcurrant puffs in under 5 minutes flat (while navigating the motorway and shouting along to Tinie Tempah's Miami 2 Ibiza because THROWBACK CAR TUNES, BABY). 




CAN WE TAKE A SECOND TO APPRECIATE HOW FREAKIN' BALLIN' THIS AIRBNB IS, PLS?!?! Now do you see why we didn't leave it all weekend?! And can we take a few more seconds to appreciate the delights of having pals who actually listened in food tech at school and can cook up some pretty decent grub. 

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