bring it all back to you, baby

If getting S Club 7 lyrics tattooed on your forehead wasn't such a certified career-killer, I would 100% be getting this S Club 7 lyric tattooed on my forehead. Humour me for a second here and ignore the visions of 7 year old you singing it into a hairbrush (covered in glitter with crimped hair, obviously) and actually let this little beauty sink in: the only person in this whole entire world that you ever have to answer to, either now or in the distant future, is YOURSELF (repeating this for the people in the back: YOUR👏BLOODY👏SELF👏). I don't mean to be dramatic, but I truly believe this lyric has the ability to change your life more than any 6 month self-discovery yoga retreat in the Himalayas ever could. Really really.

It never fails to amaze me how much time we spend giving a fuck what other people think when there are SO many better things in life to be fannying about over. Give a shit about half-price cocktails and holidays and kinder eggs and smiling at people even if you don't like them and pancakes and Channing Tatum topless pics and bubble baths and losing your voice screeching Adele's Someone Like You in the car and good haircuts and bad haircuts and doing well at work and lie-ins and accidentally getting hammered and writing off the entire weekend when you were 'only going for one' and dressing gowns at 4pm and bloody New Music Friday on Spotify. These things DESERVE your undivided attention, time, and shits. But for the love of god, don't ever ever ever waste a second of your existence worrying about what your neighbour Colin, or what Barbara in sales, thinks about you or your life choices. You could be the juiciest peach in the box and someone still ain't gonna like peaches. And as long as you're being you, doing you, for you - their opinion doesn't a) matter, b) affect you, and c) mean jack bleeding shit. Because (drum roll please) you only have to answer to yourself, babes, you really do.

Now that's out the way, moment of appreciation please for this new lil piece of arm candy that I've been perving over and thoroughly enjoying taking out and about on my arm recently. Huge thanks to the babes at Lola Rose for this new addition to my ever-growing Lola Rose collection. Yes I am currently obsessing over their shit because SO MANY COLOURS! SO MANY CHOICES! SO MUCH YES! Lola Rose jewellery is affordable, beautifully packaged, incredible quality and cute as tits; literally what more could you want from a piece of jewellery?! So treat your mum, treat a pal, treat your god damn self hun because you are worth it. And Lola Rose is worth a bang. Promise. I mean LOOK: 

Now please, for the love of me, you, and every single person you hold dear in this life: whack your speakers on full volume, shut your eyes, get ready to party like it's 1999 baby and lose yourself in the empowering beauty of this timeless classic. For real, it will be the best thing you do today. Period.

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