Gals on tour: Castagniers Edition

Question: what do you get if you take 3 French uni grads and stick them in a villa in the South of France for 3 days? Answer: 6 different types of cheese, one sunburnt backside, some serious #freethenipple and one hell of a lot of red wine. 

Furthermore, despite our very best efforts and in a case of what can only be described as a human miracle, there was a substantial lack of post-Castagniers weight gain. Apparently laughing and speaking horrendous franglais burns calories. Who knew?


As potentially the world's most enthusiastic and well-experienced advocate of the 2018 Long Weekend Away (#LWA2k18), I've managed to squeeze in a not unimpressive 11 weekend breaks in Europe this year - 16 if you count staycations in the UK. It's been an interesting year to say the least  with some pretty hefty life changes, a few minor breakdowns, quite a lot of fuck-its...but finally some much-appreciated happiness, smiles and hangovers. AND we're just about to head into my favourite season of the year so things are lookin' pretty sweet. 🙌

Ps. I recommend that Dolly Alderton book to each and every female on the planet. If you can get through the first 80% without giving up and failing to see the point, I promise that you'll spend the last 20% crying on a plane home and wanting to write love letters to every single woman you've ever known.

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