grateful heart #3

Five small things I'm grateful for (because I think we could all do with a little reminder of some good stuff right now): 

  1. For enjoying a really, really, really good book recently. 
  2. For finally starting to feel the benefits of daily meditation (or, as I like to call it, sitting in silence for 15 minutes, consistently and largely unsuccessfully trying to bat away the one million and one thoughts that fill my head). 
  3. For a very long, laughter-filled phone call with my best friend. Funerals, global pandemics, and temperamental mental health chatter packed into one of our usual, insanely unfiltered and largely unintelligible to everyone else girl chats.
  4. For the absolute best purchase I have ever, ever, ever made to help get me through this shitty isolation period.
  5. And lastly, for these daffodils. Because they really did put a smile on my face the other day. 

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