Canon F/1.2

Sooo..I decided to make the grand decision to sack of a busy, jet-setting summer and instead buy a new camera and lenses. My pocket is physically smoking but I'm feeling strangely satisfied. I'm hoping that in the long run, my dedication to a long term goal will come back and shine upon me so instead of spending a summer crying over a very difficult new focusing system which is so much harder to grasp than I'd thought, I'll instead progress to a level where I might actually be able to take it on full time. Here's to hoping, eh. Until then, I can just enjoy being unable to afford anything for the next few months while I try and water down my purses burning seams. Fun fun fun!

Obviously, the first person who got abused by my over-enthusiastic-new-lens excitement, was the very understanding and sympathetic Mikey. Very very simple photos of his wonderfully hairy little face in my room. I'm completely (and in my opinion, understandably) combusting at my new teeeeeny tinnnyyy F/stop possibilities. Some people get kicks from playing sports or going to the gym - mine are from a little number on a piece of plastic. Hey, the world would be boring if we were all the same and I wouldn't judge if you got on it by eating the entire Nutella sit back and let me finally revel in the undeniable beauty of the 1.2. Laaaa wwweeeeeee heeeey!





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