Portrait: Sohni


So in two weeks time I am finally shooting again, with Sohni for the second time. The last one I did with this one is to date one of my favourite shoots so I'm very looking forward to working with her again. Not to mention she's a little beauty and also a lovely person, always a plus. My new found friend and incredible make up artist Enya is throwing some foundation around as well which I'm glad about because she's crazy good at what she does and I'm still fascinated watching her do her thang even though I've seen it all before.

Also two days until I am home from Paris and reunited with my baby who went home earlier his week with the boyfriend. Not that I'm attached or maternal or anything but it does feel sliiiightly weird being this far away from my camera for the first time in 2 years. I should probably stop calling a piece of plastic my 'baby' too as if it can walk and talk and breath and poo. But what it can do is make me smile, keep me occupied and keep me up all night - so that's basically the same thing.

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