Katie Leask photography frost 004

I often wonder if I'm the only person who feels cheated by the weather in January (what's the point in frost/snow after Christmas, duh?!) and I always wish that mother nature would get her damn act together and combine the two. However my 'start each day with a grateful heart' manifesto (17 days and still going strong on this one - a personal record, hoorah!!) tells me it must be one little way to lessen January's whats-the-point-in-life-feeling. Adding some natural sparkle to the world makes you forget about the glorious boxing day food coma, wipe away the mince pies and motivate you to start work on those accidental, Quality-street-triangle shaped thighs. If they came together at the same time in December, January would be full of people eating stale Christmas pudding and crying because just what would be the point in January!? Can you tell how bursting with grateful love for the world I am?! Long may my love-filled-bursting last!

Katie Leask photography frost 003

Katie Leask photography frost 005

Katie leask photography frost 001

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