Smitten with Britain

Nothing says 'I'm British' like a cup of tea and slice of coffee cake. Except maybe pasty legs, unrubbed in sun-cream and being sick on a pavement outside a night club (hey, we've all been there). So with the birth of the new royal Princess, I am grabbing my English heritage by the horns and forcing myself to indulge in traditional British 'elevenses'. Which means coffee cake and tea. Followed by more coffee cake and tea. And maybe a good ol' game of croquet on my lawn, old sport. 

So as you can see my summer body descent is going well so far has been thwarted by the sudden arrival of this new batch of coffee cake. If your body is beach body ready regardless of your body fat percentage, I urge you to give this lil baby a go. It's worth every single calorie. The recipe is here. You're welcome. 

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