Smooth Operator

So, after having recently decided to descend into a Michelle Keegan style physique for summer, my body has been getting smoothie ready. I will admit that this weekend, following a six piece Pieminister delivery, the diet was flagging a little and my 'Michelle Keegan' was looking a little bit more like 'Michelle Mcmanus' (yep, bringing in a pop idol anecdote here), but I am determined to get back on track with a full week of smoothie goodness prepared. Obviously, I'm a big believer in the easy route, the route most traveled, the two-ingredient-I'm-a-student-I-can't-afford-quinoa route so my two favourite smoothies so far are nothing short of simple as shit. 

Juicy mango: 1/4 cup 0% fat greek yoghurt // 1/2 cup chopped up mangos // 1/4 cup milk // drop of vanilla essence
Banana-rama: 1 banana // 1/2 cup low cal vanilla yoghurt // 1/2 cup milk

I know that fruit can be notoriously expensive in comparison to an 8 pack of chipsticks (£1.50!),  but what I have found really helpful is LATE NIGHT SHOPPING. Me and Mikey discovered its benefits months ago when we popped out late to pick up sandwiches one time and realized that past 10.30pm ish, reduced stickers come out to play! Meaning I picked up an entire bag of chopped up mango the other day for £1.21. AND that was in M&S BP - the queen of the overpriced food shop. So my cheap smoothie rule is: make a late date with a fruity mate. (Just make sure you eat it the next day/freeze it!). 

In other less taste-bud-tingling news, I had my big old final French exam yesterday. Which resulted in me curling up in bed with lots of chocolate while mum brought me warm milk and stroked my back. Yep, it really went that well. (Note my sarcasm). Buuuuuut que sera sera and I'm so happy to have the next few weeks off to spend watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and Revenge and Gossip Girl and looking for a job and sorting out my future.

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