Venice ¦ Part 5

So, I'm spending the first evening of October dreaming about being back in Venice again. Specifically, being (relatively) tanned, having prosecco on tap and always having pizza within a 3 metre radius. There are so many incredible, splendid things I could say about Venice but the most splendid of them all is CALORIES. Because calories do not count when you're on holiday and they certainly don't count if it's upwards of 30 degrees outside. Everyone knows that. Case closed.

We spent the majority of our third day in Venice pretending to be cultured and walking round a palace. The fact that I can't even remember the name of this palace says enough about that. What I do remember however is that we spent a really ridiculous amount of time stuck wandering around the underground prisons. We walked past the same lost American family 6 times. And as everyone knows, the third meet is, in the words of Micky Flanagan, "one of the toughest social situations known to mankind", so double that and imagine our discomfort. I'd rather not dwell on it. Here's some pictures, feast ya eyes on the architecture (and pizza).

Have you ever been to Venice? Are you planning on going? TALK TO ME.

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