Wedding: S + M

You know sometimes when you're out and about and you briefly spot a couple who is just so YES. Who just look so right for each other and your heart does a little fuzzy flip of happiness that the world has brought two perfectly suited people together!? That is literally Sarah and Matty. Except this time they didn't flash past me in a supermarket or on the train. I got to the spend the whole diggin' DAY with them. And basque in the loveliness of all their friends and family. And eat a full 3 course dinner. And laugh way more than is socially acceptable for a wedding photographer to laugh at the speeches.

It was the most splendid day ever and by the end of it I felt like an old friend. Not to mention the heart flips I was doing for WEEKS afterwards while editing their little, happy faces. People are so great. And I'm so happy I get to meet so many new, cool, interesting people on a daily basis.



And I think that is as good a picture as any to end this blog post on. You can see more of my wedding photography here. Or come and chat with me on twitter here. 

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