Making spirits bright...

To me, the arrival of Christmas signals one thing and one thing only. Unlike the Mini Eggs of Easter or the Toblerone of Father's day which, despite the March/June influx, can actually be brought all year round...Christmas is the only time of year it is acceptable to eat (read: gorge) on the one, the only, CHRISTMAS PUD. And what a splendidly incredibly wonderfully marvelous time of year that is.

The second that tinsel rears its sparkly little head and I hear my first rendition of Mariah Carey...the only thought that fills my mind is something brown, is something sludgy, and is  something absolutely positively SWIMMING in brandy cream. What does Christmas mean to you!? 

Before I start salivating on my laptop/crying because my #ChristmasPudFest is over for another year - here are some photos from Christmas day à la Leask. I was too busy stuffing my face with absolutelyeverythingunderthesun to take many pictures. Soz. 


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Wishing you all the merriest, happiest, booziest of New Year's possible. 

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