Winter Walks

Do I love anything in the world more than I love Desperate Housewives and fluffy slippers? Answer: Yes – CHRISTMAS. If I could picture my little corner in heaven 70 years from now it would be abound with fairy lights, mince pies, tacky decorations and mulled wine on tap. Because I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to make beverage requests when you finally reach that big ol’ party in the sky. #WaterIntoWine and all that.
But the super duper number one reason why Christmas is the Mary-Kate to my Ashley is because it allows me to partake in one of my favourite ever pastimes. Being a nosy little shit. While it may be socially frowned upon to stare into people’s living rooms at any other time of year, at Christmas it is so totally acceptable to gaze goggle eyed into every single lit up living room in visible range. Because, you know, you’re not really staring psychotically into other people’s private lives, you’re just politely admiring their home-made nativity sets and glittery baubles. Yep, I’m a totally normal bystander again. I’ve got a whole month of blissful psychotic home yearning covered under the blanket of Noel. Ah yes, Christmas I have missed you.

Ding dong merrily on high! (Sadly, even I draw the line at using my zoom to photograph these microcosmic grottos, so these are just pictures from our nosy mosey around our town, exterior).

What's your favourite thing about Christmas / are you as damn nosy as I am!?

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