London is ridiculously beaut

There are a number of reasons why I really love my job sometimes; the fact that it's so close to a park in the summer; the coffee machine that breaks and sporadically dishes out free coffee; the abundance of cake mornings for charity; the way I can roll out of bed in the morning and be sitting at my desk within 20 minutes...the list goes on. But one of the best my-job-is-ace-realisation-athons (...) is the fact that I occasionally get to travel into London. I like this for two reasons;
•  because even though the thought of commuting to London on a daily basis fills me with smelly armpit loud phone conversation space invasion dread, every now and then it’s great to pretend I’m someone really important, catching my train up to the big ol’ smoke for a day of meetings, luncheon and hoo haa London-life scoffing. And, of course, all this is complete with a takeaway latte in hand. Starbucks, naturally. (I hate myself more than you hate me right now)

•  and secondly because London is a majestic being that deserves to be loved, appreciated and photographed pre-conference, post conference, and sometimes even mid conference if there’s a big enough window for me to gaze longingly out of.

So that's what I did. Appreciated, loved and photographed London for your viewing pleasure. 



What's your favourite thing about London?

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