Rooftop cinema lovin'

Let me tell you one thing that really appeals to my Internal Happiness Coordination System (IHCS for short):  ROOF TOPS. Rooftop pool, rooftop yoga, rooftop barbecue, even rooftop nudist beach - stick 'rooftop' in front of practically any noun (bar maybe 'murder') and I'm there, I'm interested, I've got my "I ❤ roof tops" t-shirt on (no, really) and I'm ready to roof top the shit out of my day.  Roof top roof top roof top. So when I saw the advert for an open air rooftop cinema in Croydon I booked tickets there and then. What my excited little brain forgot to comprehend was quite how nippy it is in April.

By the time the film was finished I felt like Rose on that bloody floating door in Titanic. Except unfortunately I hadn't just had a 2 month fling with young Leo - just a hell of lot of popcorn and white wine.

Also is it weird that just searching google for that picture reference of Rose Dawson genuinely had me welling up!? Like full on tears forming in my eyes at the sheer beauty/pain/velocity of EVERYTHING about that film. Titanic does something to me. That film touches me in ways I never thought possible. #NeverLetGo

Anyway, I digress. If you're from the Surrey area I would really recommend boogieing on down to the Lost Format Society when the weather gets warmer, it looks like it's gonna be a really chill summer location. Plus there's table tennis tables and a barbecue shack so see ya there?

P.s. My IHCS system also lovingly runs off shortbread, Chanel perfume, long cuddles and early mornings in bed with tea. What does yours run off?

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