Brunching with gal pals (+MeeBox)

Having a two week break between leaving my old job and starting my new one has been an absolute godsend. When I say that I have taken the mini-break bull by the horns and absolutely carpe-d the shit out of this diem, I really am not joking. I've done a little bit of this and a little bit of that; some of this was getting jiggy in Paris and Alicante and some of that was brunching with my beautiful gal pals. It's been pretty freakin' sweet, guys.

And throughout all of this seizing the day lark, my nails have never looked better thanks to a swanky new Rio themed delivery from the lovely Meebox gals. I've posted about them before and yep I am still as in love with their nail-loving-ways as ever because I firmly believe that a woman with tidy nails can conquer the world (whose with me?!). This month's box contains the following goodies; nail varnish from Models Own, Morgan Taylor and Trust Fund Beauty / Deco It decals / Tweexy. Coming to a total of £45.94 but with Meebox you get the whole lot for £20. Bargain, amiright?

So I'm starting mah new job on Monday and am currently wondering whether the glittery blue polish is first-day-at-work-appropriate? Does it give off hard-working, dedicated and responsible vibes or should I stick with les nudez? Thoughts below please. 

Can we also take a second to appreciate how tanned my hand is lookin' in the penultimate picture in this post?! Following a week of oiling up and basting myself like a turkey in the Spanish heat I feel it necessary that we all mildly appreciate the bronzed goddess vibes that my left hand is currently cultivating. Thank you please.

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