#Caturday 2.0

So. A little while ago I bit the bullet of social acceptance and decided to dedicate an entire post to my cat. I thought this post would go by largely unnoticed and wholly uneventful but the response was - and I don't mean to toot my own trumpet too much here - absolutely off the mother******* chain. Toot a-tootie toot toot *insert trumpet emoji*. Apparently y'all love feline Fuhrer's just as much as I do. SO, back by popular demand (read: no demand whatsoever but, meh, cats) I present you with #Caturday 2.0. 


Susan is a bit of a babe, amiright? She also woke me up this morning by scratching on the window so we're not on the best of terms and tense words have been spoken. But who can deny those cute lil furry toes? Man, I'm a sucker.  

Any other cat lovers out there?! 
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