Cocktailin' in Budapest

One thing I know for certain is that on our flight home from Budapest, I was approximately 99% cocktails. That other 1% was reserved for Hungarian desserts and Hungarian desserts only, which should give you a pretty decent indication as to the stupendous success of this trip.  

I'm sure official tour guides have many rich, history-filled and culturally significant things to say about Budapest, but in my opinion it can be summed up like this: Budapest is like Paris, but a down-and-dirty no-shits-given kinda version of Paris. I felt like I was hanging out with my favourite city’s dirtier, spottier, more greasy twin brother who cared less about being the sophisticated sib...and more about getting pissed. And that's my sorta sibling. So here are photographs from day one in Budapest; some of them contain cocktails and all of them were taken while under the influence of cocktails. C'est la vie (or 'ez az √©let'; if I wanted to pretend I had literally the foggiest clue how to speak even one word of Hungarian and didn't believe that the origin of the language was someone repeatedly slamming their forehead mindlessly against a typewriter). 






In a nutshell, we absolutely loved every single thing about Budapest. The language, the food, the sights and even the sweat after 2 days of walking around in 30 degree, unexpected heatwave heat. May Budapest forever be as awesome as it was this weekend.

Unfortunately, my body mass is now back to 100% coffee. Time for me to book my next holiday…but until then, you can follow along on Bloglovin', Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

Have you ever been to Budapest? Wanna go? Discuss.

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