Wedding: T + J

We all know that Pinterest is the place where good intentions go to die and the sad realisation that you don't have a single crafty bone in your body becomes frighteningly apparent (seriously, some of these are so good). But let me tell you - PINTEREST IS REAL, GUYS. From the flowers in Tash's hair to the bunting on the fence to the pizza van that turned up after dinner; Tash and Jack's wedding was what dreams are made of (be still my Hilary Duff loving beating heart, ahem).  

And anyway, you know your wedding's hit the big time when a neighbouring horse tootles over and eats your flower decorations straight off the fence. Yep, it was absolutely horsome. (Sorry, not sorry). 

Thank you to Tasha and Jack for letting me play pinterest IRL all day and also please excuse me while I wipe away my tears of joy and add the entire wedding album to my future pinterest wedding board.

Unashamed plug time: if you live in or near the Surrey area and fancy letting me perve on your wedding day too - check out my portfolio. Otherwise, join the partay by following along on all manner of social medias:  Bloglovin', Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

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