Gals on tour: Shropshire Edition

Ain’t nothing in the world better than a girlie weekend away. Especially when that girlie weekend teaches you so many rich and fruitful life lessons. So without further ado, this weekend I learnt…

1) That the quickest way to silence a car full of people singing enthusiastically to Aerosmith at 3am in the morning on the way home from the kebab shop…is to set off a speed camera   
2) That there is no limit to the amount of food that I can cram into my mouth over a 2-day period. Sustenance including but not limited to; MacDonald’s, tapas, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, minstrels, Haribo, a Sunday roast, a kebab, percy pigs, pancakes and bourbons   
3) That nothing will kill pre-drink merriment quicker than dropping and breaking the iPhone of a person you’ve only just met     
4) That Weatherspoon’s is sticky regardless of whether you’re in shitty Redhill or glorious Shropshire 5) That girlie weekends should be a compulsory part of every twenty something woman's yearly allowance of frivolity and fun, and that failure to adhere forthwith to all regulations will result in a seriously hormonal and grumpy lady
6) And finally, that one of my fondest and happiest moments of 2016 will be found sweaty, on a rock, on top of a hill, in the middle of Shropshire, with a doctor.* Who'd have thought it?

*I wasn't harmed in the making of this memory, I just have ridiculously clever and high achieving best friends. 


So. Here's to nights we will remember (because we're getting old now and the binge-drinking/hangover combo is less enticing when no-one asks you for ID anymore) and friends we'll never forget. Super huge great big love to Fran and Mills for remaining great pals well into adulthood. #BF4E

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