The Big Autumn Colour Swoon-fest

Is there anything in life I love more than autumnal colours?! Well, um, yes actually - Leonardo di Caprio in the Titanic era, kindereggs, fresh sheets, and waking up on a Sunday without a hangover to name a few BUT autumn colours come a very, very close fifth.


Pochahontas missed a serious trick with that painting the colours of the wind shit when she could have painted with the colours of autumn instead. Because not only is asking someone whether they can 'paint with all the colours of the wind' probably not putting you in good stead for that second date, but it's also factually freakin' impossible. Pfft. Rant over. 

And if you've never seen Pochahontas and have absolutely no idea what to make of that last paragraph, then shame on you. Because you're missing out on one of the best films OF ALL TIME. Educate yourself.

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